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The Zapatilla Keys are a set of two pristine and remote Islands , which were formed thousands of years ago as a result of the tide and global coral reef , of which the islands are surrounded with.

Stroll along its white sandy beaches lapped by warm, turquoise ocean, or explore and discover the precious natural secrets the jungle trail has to offer.

Swim over its coral reefs and watch the spectacular marine life offered by this paradise

Tour itinerary:

  • Tour departs at around 10:00 am from Bubba`s House dock.
  • We take a ride around Bastimentos, passing Red Frog, going around the mangrows, you will be able to see Bastimentos Island on one side and Solarte Islan on the other.
  • At around 10.30 am we arrive at Sloth Island were we you look for families of sloths on their natural habitat (sloth watching takes place on board)
  • We will arrive to Coral Key at around 11:00 am were we will visit and snorkel around its colorful coral reefs and marine life. Once the snorkel session is over (approx 1hr), we will start heading to Zapatilla Islands hoping to see dolphins on the way, finding dolphins is very usual but can not be guaranteed every time. We will no chase after them of disturb them on any way.
  • Once we arrive to Zapatilla Island you will be able to plan your own day in the island, we will be in this amazing place for most of the day, you can decide when to have lunch, when or for how long you snorkel the surrounding reefs, walk the trails, lay on the sand or do whatever you feel like.
  • At around 4:30 – 5 pm we will start heading back to a different reef in Coral Key if the group is up for experiencing more snorkeling.
  • Last stop will be Blue Coconut in the Island of Solarte. Blue Coconut is beautiful bar / restaurant seating on the water surrounded by mangrows (a perfect way to watch the sunset have a drink and relax from your stress free day)
  • We should be arriving back to Old Bank Bastimentos by around 6pm.

Detailled informations:

  • Price include the $5 fee to enter Zapatilla National Park (usually not included in other tours)
  • We provide snorkeling equipment for free (usually an extra too in other tours)
  • Food and drinks are NOT included, we can provide lunch box for $6 or you can bring your own, also you need to bring water/drinks.
  • For the best tour possible, we go only if the weather is good. Minimun 4 persons per tour.

Tour Info

Price: $35 (Including Snorkel equipement + National Park fee)

  • Duration: 8hrs
  • Departure time: 10:00
  • If weather permits
  • Tour goes with a minimun of 4 people