Become a Volunteer

Would you like to enjoy Bubba’s House not also as a guest but also as part of the crew? Are you able to commit to a sta of 4 weeks minimum? Then you should become one of our volunteers!


We are looking for an outgoing person to takeover our PR, social media and marketing position. All social media pages are presently set up and maintained on a daily basis. Keeping track of customer reviews and answering them as they are received is vitally important to maintaining and building our hostel’s reputation; organisational skills are a must. The individual should possess genuine initiative and foresight, the hostel is currently spearheading a new initiative linking hostels in the region, experience in business development and consultancy would be extremely valuable for this project. Written and spoken english must be to the highest standard, the new volunteer will be maintaining communications with other hostels and booking sites, both by email and over the phone. You must be able to use a Mac, all work is conducted through a laptop provided by us.

We need someone to help organise our daily tours and activities. Every day 8-20 people leave on tour from the hostel on tours we offer. We need someone to help us inform guests about our tours and activities, organise the trips, etc, you also will be going on tour to take pictures and footage for promotion. N o special skills are needed!, just good english, a good smile and a great vibe 🙂

We are currently a team of 8 young and energetic people from all around the world. We look forward to a new team members and hope we can do great things together!


Private house with 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, kitchen and terrace, just 1 minute walk from workplace. The house has wifi and amazing sea views.

One meal per day will be provided. Volunteers will be provided with groceries to cook for themselves.


5 hours per day / 5 days a week


Bastimentos is part of the Bocas del Toro archipelago made of 9 main islands, 50 cays and more than 200 islets. On Bastimentos island there is an amazing national park made of more than 13,226 hectares of pristine jungle, wildlife, coral reefs, mangroves, and miles of white sand beaches. Bastimentos offers endless activities such us surfing, snorkelling, diving, fishing, wake-boarding, island tours, caving, sailing, jungle, amazing wildlife and more.