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Answers to common questions

We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Do you accept credit cards?

Unfortunately we accept cash only. Also, there is no ATM on Bastimentos, so the last chance for you to withdraw money before coming here will be in the city of Bocas Del Toro on Isla Colón.

How do we get there?

First you will have to travel to the city of Bocas Del Toro which is situated on Isla Colón. To do so you can either take an airplane from Panama City or you can take a bus to Almirante and then take a fairy over to Bocas Del Toro. Please note that the last fairy from Almirante takes off at around 6 p.m.

From the city of Bocas Del Toro you will have to take a water taxi over to Bastimentos whch is 3$ per person. Just tell them you would like to go to Bubba’s House and they will take you to our private dock.

Anything special we need to know?

Well, just remember that you are going to a small Caribbean island. Besides the fact that it is beautiful and authentic this also means that the water and electricity situation might differ from the standards you are used to. Depending on the season there can be water shortages. Also, during dry season the water is turned off in Bubba’s House during the day when all guests are usually out enjoying the great outdoors.

Can we bring our car to Bastimentos?

There are no cars on Bastimentos. Everybody arrives by and gets around on water taxis. If you are travelling by car you will need to arrange secure parking before heading to Bastimentos.

How far is the hostel from Bocas Town?

Bastimentos is located a short 10 minute boat ride from the main island (Isla Colon. Aka: Bocas Town).

How much is a water taxi to Bastimentos?

The price for a water taxi from Bocas to Bastimentos is $3 during the day and $5 during the night. You can tell the water taxi to take you straight to the Bubba’s House dock 🙂

Is Bastimentos good for partying?

Bastimentos doesn’t have much of a party scene, and we love it that way! Bocas has all the parties one can handle, and it’s just a 10 minute ride 😉  Bastimentos is more for the adventurers and explorers, those who want to experience the great outdoors, be active, go diving, surfing, hiking, snorkeling or do any of the other great activities this beautiful island has to offer.

Is there a public kitchen in the hostel?

Unfortunately we do not have a community kitchen at this time. We have an onsite restaurant that serves our guest right on the deck. The island also has a good variety of restaurants to choose from as well.

What time is the check-in and check-out?

Check-in is from 1pm to 8pm. (If you are arriving after 8pm please let us know)
Check-out time is 11am

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